What Will It Look Like?

Below are visual simulations of what the Crab Orchard would look like once completed.


1. Wildwood Stables

Before: Wildwood Stables

After: Wildwood Stables


2. Bluff View Terrace

Before: Bluff View

After: Bluff View


3. Hickory Ridge Lane

Before: Hickory Ridge

After: Hickory Ridge


4. 18011 US 70 at Snow Lane

Before: Snow Lane

After: Snow Lane


5. 818 Grievers Chapel Road

Before: Grievers Chapel

After: Grievers Chapel


6. Black Mountain Trailhead Roost

Before: Black Mountain

After: Black Mountain


7. Grievers Chapel

Before: Grievers Chapel

After: Grievers Chapel


8. 3796 Airport Road

Before: Airport Road

After: Airport Road


9. 5378 Smith Mountain Road

Before: Smith Mountain

After: Smith Mountain


10. Homesteads Tower

Before: Homesteads Tower

After: Homesteads Tower


11. Gill Cemetery Daysville Road

Before: Gill Cemetery

After: Gill Cemetery


12. Homesteads House Museum

Before: Homesteads House

After: Homesteads House


13. Millstone Mountain Road

Before: Millstone Mountain

After: Millstone Mountain


14. 177 Main Street

Before: Main Street

After: Main Street


15. 1012 Bradford Lane at St. George Marina

Before: Bradford Lane

After: Bradford Lane


16. 3246 Hebbertsberg Rd

Before: Hebbertsberg Rd

After: Hebbertsberg Rd


17. Renegade Mountain Club

Before: Renegade

After: Renegade


18. 1677 Hedgecoth Road

Before: Hedgecoth

After: Hedgecoth


19. 6626 Hebbertsberg Road

Before: 6626 Hebbertsberg Rd

After: 6626 Hebbertsberg Rd


20. 7063 US Route 70

Before: Route 70

After: Route 70